Industrial Training

As IT is a promising field, FERRY INFOTECH aggressively promotes it through job oriented 6 month 6 weeks Industrial training programs. Our portfolio of CS/IT, BCA engineering trainings is huge. We have a large pool of industry certified trainers, who specialize in domains like .NET, Java, Oracle, PHP, Mobile App Development, ERP etc.

These technologies prepare individuals for fields like software programming, technical support, graphic design, software testing,  business analytic, service engineers and more.

Such training formats are immensely beneficial because companies now – a – days are looking for skilled labour in place of mere degree holders.

Industrial training plays a vital role in a student’s life for his professional development. Understanding of real life situations and pre-professional work experience is provided.Industrial training refers to work experience that is relevant to Professional development prior to graduation. It provides pre-professional work experience with specific assignments and responsibilities..An industrial training should be relevant to a students personal career interests and academic courses of study. Productive industrial training helps student make informed decisions and improve their marketability after graduation.

industrial training